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On Being a Fanfic Slash Author


Info Card: Slash. To change characters that are interpreted in canon (what is written by show writers) as heterosexual and alter their orientation to same-sex. Derogatory term: turn them gay. Why? Because two guys (or 3) are hot. On Slash. I had never thought about it prior to 2001. I was straight. I read the characters as straight. I fantasized about the characters as straight. One day, not long...

The Long Story


The Long Story. Death Info. My baby sister, Kathleen Dawn Baker, 55, was found dead in her apartment in Elizabethtown, Kentucky of an apparent drug overdose-type unknown at this time. She’d been dead for 2-3 days, coroner says. So far, I’m listed as next of kin, but not legally until all efforts to find her daughter, Rhiannon, have been exhausted.  At that time, I’m the...

My Favorite Dresden Covers Wallpaper


I did this wallpaper to show my favorite book covers for The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Maybe I should add the titles. Favorite Dresden Covers Harry is a sexy, sexy man. Provided the covers reflect this. And in my not so humble opinion, these do. The others are rather lame, especially the one for the latest, Battle Ground. I thought that Jim had the final say on the covers, but someone...

Clearing the Air

“The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shock-proof, shit detector.” ~ Hemingway

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